What Makes the Ultimate Sandwich?

It's personal choice of how you wish to define the ultimate sandwich.  Some prefer classic simple and traditional sandwiches such as ham and cheese or peanut butter and sugar!  Other prefer the more exotic.


Although the ingredients in the sandwich may make for the perfect meal for your customers, that is not the only important piece to your perfect dish. Not only do the customers what a delicious meal, but they want something that is put together properly and has a neat, organized look. When a customer is served with a sloppy sandwich, chances are they are not going to want to pick it up because of the potential mess. However, if they are provided with a neatly put together sandwich that's ingredients are not flowing off of the plate, their satisfaction level will be rather high.

Unique Ingredients

If a customer wants a simple, ordinary sandwich, chances are they would have stopped at a fast food joint or picked up the supplies at the grocery store to make it at home. When customers come to your restaurant, what they are looking for is the perfect sandwich that is full of flavour and all the right ingredients. To help accomplish your customers' goal of receiving the perfect sandwich, your menu should offer a variety of specialty sandwiches with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and meats for them to choose from.

The Power of Flavour

As we all know, sometimes certain veggies, meats and sauces just do not mix well with each other. To create the perfect sandwich flavour, you must test different creations and even hold a taste testing meeting for all of your employees to help find the perfect recipe. By just throwing a bunch of random ingredients on bread, chances are you are going to receive multiple complaints. By having multiple people taste your creation before placing it on the menu, it will help you to avoid any negative feedback.

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